Communication Between Parent And Child Is Key In Preventing Addiction

More than 20 million Americans aged 12 or older admitted to using illicit drugs in 2006, according to Drug Addiction Support, a substance abuse resource site. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals recover from drug dependency, but many people are experimenting with substances at a younger age.

Ryan, a man from Des Moines, Iowa, is one example of a former addict who found himself dependent on substances by his junior year of high school. He began experimenting with hard drugs shortly after having his first drink in eighth grade, according to KCCI-8 News.

“The biggest reason it’s easy to hide from Mom and Dad is because, you know, as my parents told me, they really don’t want to admit it’s going on,” Ryan told the news source.

Eventually, Ryan was able to detoxify with support from his friends and family. Now, he shares his story with others in hope of raising awareness of substance abuse among young adults.

Experts say that open communication between parents and their children can help reduce the likelihood of substance abuse. Rehabilitation facilities can help addicts detoxify and turn their lives around.