Communities Struggle to Deal With Rising Prescription Drug Abuse Rates

By Staff Writer

Due in large part to rising rates of prescription drug abuse, opiate addiction is taking hold of communities across the country. Many local health authorities are struggling to find ways to deal with the growing problem, which affects young and old alike.

Officials from Fairfield County, Ohio, which has been hit particularly hard by the prescription drug epidemic, recently announced that they are looking to launch new efforts to curb substance abuse and help individuals who are dependent on drugs find addiction treatment, according to the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

County Commissioner Steve Davis said that he wants local sheriff’s departments to come up with new law enforcement ideas, the juvenile court system to reach out to young offenders and family services to work with addicts to help them recover.

He told the news source that a unified approach from all of these areas is the only way that the community can begin to deal with the problem.

The issues faced by the county are not unique. The Office of National Drug Control Policy reports that prescription medications are now the second most commonly abused drug, behind only marijuana.