Opiate Addiction Remains Prevalent in Some Areas of the Country

By Staff Writer

While some U.S. communities are seeing their rates of opiate addiction diminish, others are less fortunate. The problem continues to stubbornly hold sway over many people in some parts of the country, and refuses to be eliminated.

For example, the number of opiate addicts in Texas is growing. The State’s Drug Policy Alliance reports that overdoses increased by 150 between 1999 and 2007. The group says that more government support programs are needed to help these individuals find the substance abuse help that could increase their chances of recovery.

One Austin-based recovery expert told local NBC affiliate KSAN that there has recently been an influx of stronger, more affordable heroin in the area, which is contributing to high rates of opiate addiction. Furthermore, prescription medication abuse continues to be a problem.

She added that the issue has affected individuals from all demographics and that anyone can become an addict. Making addiction treatment programs a funding priority in the state may help reduce the burden of opiate addiction and enable people to regain control over lives.