Online Network Helps Connect Opiate Addicts to Suboxone Treatment

By Staff Writer

Despite the fact that suboxone can help individuals with opiate addictions overcome their chemical dependencies, relatively few doctors are currently able to prescribe the medication. This can make it difficult for addicts to receive this potentially life-saving treatment.

In an effort to help connect more opiate addicts who are looking for suboxone treatment to doctors that are able to prescribe the medication, the National Alliance for Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment recently began a website that connects drug users to doctors.

The system asks prospective patients to enter anonymous information, which is then sent to local doctors. If a medical professional thinks they can provide treatment, they contact the person. The organization recently announced 40,000 individuals have used the system since it went live. More than 3,000 physicians are currently participating in the program.

Officials from the group said that suboxone treatment should be more readily available than it is today. However, until this is accomplished, giving opiate addicts the tools that they need to find the drug rehab program that is right for them is important.