New Medication Helps Opiate Addicts Overcome Dependency

By Staff Writer

Opiate addiction can be one of the most difficult dependencies to overcome. For this reason, many drug rehab specialists are now singing the praises of Vivitrol, which has proven to be successful at enabling individuals to overcome their addiction.

The medication has been around for decades as a treatment for alcoholism. However, it wasn’t until last October that the Food and Drug Administration approved it for treating opiate addiction. Since that time, doctors and recovering addicts alike have said it has many benefits.

Dr. Robert Friedman, who treats drug addicts from a Massachusetts-based primary care practice, told the Cape Cod Times that, unlike other medications that have been used in addiction treatment plans, Vivitrol has almost no side effects. Most important, it is totally non-addictive. This eventually helps individuals become completely substance-free, rather than replacing one dependency with another.

In recent studies conducted by the FDA, researchers found that Vivitrol users were more than 1.5 times more likely to remain drug-free than participants who were given placebo. Officials said that the medication is a major advancement for treating opiate addiction.