Opiate Addiction On The Rise Across The Country

The prevalence of marijuana usage has been at the forefront of drug news, but more individuals are turning to harder, addictive substances to cope with stress and anxiety as well. Opiate addiction has dramatically increased in regions of the country where heroin is widely available and cheap.

For example, heroin usage is becoming a growing concern in Columbia, Washington, according to The Daily News Online. In Tacoma, approximately 23 people were arrested in June with connections to a nationwide drug investigation. One individual had more than 58 pounds of black-tar heroin.

Paul Dugaw, a drug court public defender, told the news source that the number of heroin cases has largely increased over the past year. Because the price of prescription medications has risen, many people are turning to cheaper opiate alternatives. However, the county drug rehab program is helping many offenders turn their lives around.

More than 3 million Americans say they have tried heroin at least once in their lifetime, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Rehabilitation facilities and drug courts can help addicts detoxify and make healthier lifestyle choices.