New Jersey Drug Court Helps Addicts Find Sobriety

Approximately 20 million Americans admitted to abusing an illicit substance within a 30-day span in 2006, according to Drug Addiction Support, a statistics site. Drug rehab centers can help individuals suffering from addiction, but many people find themselves in trouble with the law before seeking assistance.

More communities are instituting drug courts to give offenders a second chance. The Middlesex County court has helped a number of individuals turn their lives around, including Nick S., according to My Central Jersey. The 31 year-old man looked to the streets for support after losing his father at age 16. Now, he is one of 21 recent graduates from the Middlesex County drug court who has detoxified in search of a better lifestyle.

The program, which takes between three and five years to complete, keeps participants under close supervision. Drug testing is also frequent for individuals in the drug court, and people who violated the regulations of the program are faced with jail time. Nick S. spoke to a crowd of more than 100 people at his graduation ceremony, describing the difficulty that came with coming clean.

More than $484 billion is spent on drug addiction in the U.S. every year, according to Drug Addiction Support. Rehabilitation facilities can provide individuals with substance abuse help and the resources to detoxify over time.