Nebraska Group Raises Money For Addiction Awareness

Drug addiction accounts for nearly half of the crimes committed in the U.S., according to Drug Addiction Support, a statistics site. Substance abuse treatment centers can help individuals detoxify, but former addicts require a steady support system to stay clean.

During the holiday season, individuals who have detoxified are more likely to relapse, according to Nebraska TV. The stress of family members and gatherings can push former addicts over the edge, leading them to drug abuse.

The Central Nebraska Council on Alcoholism and Addictions (CNCAA) recently decided to offer gift wrapping services to raise money for advertising against drugs. The group hopes to educate more people on addiction and how to seek help. CNCAA administrative assistance Janet Enck says she has already seen a number of holiday shoppers pick up fliers at their gift wrapping station, interested in learning more about the issue at hand.

“There have been some bad experiences in my life,” shopper Julie Ecton told the news source. “Kids need to learn about it and hear about it before the streets teach them.”

Drug addiction costs the U.S. nearly $484 billion annually, according to Drug Addiction Support. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals detoxify and live healthier lives.