Montana Drug Court Faces Budget Cuts

Drug rehab programs are not only an effective way of helping addicts in local communities, but reducing crime rates as well. However, many counties that wish to establish drug courts lack the funding necessary to operate the program.

Lewis and Clark County in Montana is one example of a region that is struggling to keep its existing drug rehab programs afloat, according to KXLH-TV. As state officials look for areas to cut back on funding, drug courts may become the victims of the budget shortage. Currently, Montana has 12 programs that address issues ranging from adult substance abuse to juvenile drug usage.

Recently, county court officials applied for a grant to try to raise the money necessary to keep the programs in operation. Experts say that the rate of recidivism is extremely high among offenders who admit to having problems with drugs and alcohol. District judge, James Reynolds, told the news source that the courts make a difference in keeping individuals with illicit substance abuse issues off the streets.

Drug addiction costs the U.S. approximately $484 billion every year, according to the Department of Justice. Rehabilitation facilities can help addicts detoxify and become productive members of society.