South Dakota Struggles To Help Meth Addicts

As the price of methamphetamine continues to drop, more local communities are growing concerned with both adults and children using the drug to get high. The South Dakota High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area recently gathered data that showed an increase in the popularity of methamphetamine across the state.

Methamphetamine-related arrests in 2010 increased by 25 percent from 2009, according to the Rapid City Journal. Approximately 331 individuals were brought into custody in 2009 for using the illicit substances, while more than 440 arrests were made in South Dakota in 2010. Task forces were largely effective in helping to keep the crimes under control.

In Pennington County, methamphetamine was the fourth-most popular drug found in busts. Experts say that although the crime rate relating to the drug is high, many people have turned against operating their own meth labs. South Dakota law officials believe that most of the methamphetamine being used across the state is being imported.

Chronic use of methamphetamine can result in significant changes in brain function, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Drug rehab centers can help individuals who are suffering from addiction and want to detoxify to live a healthier life.