One Mother Wants New Laws to Make Committing Drug Addicts Easier

By Staff Writer

The problem of drug addiction is so intractable because the majority of substance abusers would do nearly anything to avoid the pains of withdrawal. This means that few will voluntarily seek addiction treatment. The only way a person has a chance of getting clean is if they have a strong support network.

Yet one mother is working to make it easier for the authorities to force drug addicts into treatment. Stephanie Parker, a mother of a methamphetamine addict, told the Monroe News Star that she would like to see laws amended so that an addict that is a danger to themselves could be forcibly put through a rehab program.

She told the news source that currently, the only way law enforcement can put a person through rehab is if they are arrested on drug charges or pose an imminent danger to themselves or those around them. However, this overlooks the average addict who is unwilling to take the steps on their own to get clean. Parker is planning on holding a rally this summer to raise awareness around the issue.

The options that exist for forcibly putting an addict through rehab, including involuntary commitment, often involve lengthy legal processes, according to the Allegheny County Department of Mental Health.