Meth Addiction Affects Children and Parents

By Staff Writer

Addiction to methamphetamine is a crippling problem that can destroy lives unless users seek help from rehab facilities. However, it is not only the drug abuser whose life is affected by the addiction. Children are often caught up in their parents’ drug habits, which can have a major impact on their development.

The Knoxville News Sentinel recently reported that more than 1,200 children Tennessee have been affected by their parents’ addiction to meth in the last 10 years. Many of these children have been discovered during raids on meth labs.

“You can’t imagine it if you’ve never been in the jail at 2 or 3 a.m. and seen these kids waiting on somebody to come get them,” Cumberland County sheriff Butch Burgess told the news source. “When you see the places where these kids are coming out of and what they’re being exposed to, it makes you sick.”

Studies by UCLA researchers have shown that prenatal exposure to meth can cause more cognitive damage to children than heavy alcohol consumption during pregnancy.