Increased Reports Of Medical Employees With Substance Abuse Problems

Drug addiction costs $484 billion every year, according to Drug Addiction Support, a statistics site. Rehabilitation facilities can provide individuals the resources they need to turn their lives around, and many former addicts become functioning members of society.

Richard Ready is one example of an individual who struggled with dependency on alcohol and painkillers, according to the Los Angeles Times. Ready, who is now a doctor, drank heavily and abused prescription drugs to cope with the death of his mother during his residency. After becoming addicted to Tylenol mixed with codeine, Ready realized his life was quickly spiraling out of control.

“Sometimes I’d be standing in the operating room and it’d look like I had the flu,” Ready told the news source. “So I’d excuse myself and I’d run into the bathroom, eat 10 [Tylenols with codeine] and in maybe five or 10 minutes I’d be normal again.”

Ready eventually came clean, but a recent federal survey revealed that the number of medical professionals with addictions to drugs and alcohol is on the rise. Easy access to medication is a growing concern.

Nearly half of the crimes committed in the U.S. are linked to drugs, according to Drug Addiction Support. Substance abuse treatment centers can help individuals detoxify over time.