New Zealand Bans Synthetic Drug, Calling It Harmful

By Staff Writer

Though many people believe synthetic cannabis products to be a harmless alternative to the real thing, others are claiming they are a stepping stool to far more dangerous drugs. Drug counselor Tom Claunch told New Zealand’s TV One news this week that these synthetic drugs are “killing our kids.”

Last week, New Zealand’s government banned two forms of synthetic cannabis after they were found to have traces of a potentially harmful prescription medication in them.
New Zealand is not the only country grappling with what to do about synthetic drugs. In the U.S, certain forms of so called “fake” marijuana have been found to carry serious side effects such as hallucinations and nausea.

The Daily Iowan reported on both sides of the issue last week, featuring the opinions of people who are for banning the products and those who believe they are harmless.
Contributor Matt Heinze says, “If we, as a state and nation, decide it’s right to criminalize marijuana, then we should apply the same basic principle of enforcement to marijuana’s synthetic alternatives.”

While on the pro side Shay O’Reilly says, “Set an age limit of 18, prohibit its use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery, and let people smoke it if they so choose.”