Marijuana Substitute Banned in New Hampshire

By Staff Writer

Due to the fact that marijuana can be difficult to come by, young people are increasingly turning to other substances to achieve similar intoxication. One such product, known as K2, has grabbed national headlines in recent months for its dangerous effects, and now authorities are working to ban it.

K2 is sold as spice or incense, but children often buy it to smoke. When it is inhaled, it produces effects very similar to those of marijuana. For this reason, state lawmakers in New Hampshire recently passed a law banning sale and possession of the substance, the Associated Press reports.

Officials told the news source that they had been seeing increasing rates of teenagers using the product. Before it was outlawed, it could be purchased at gas stations and convenience stores. However, most of these locations have now stopped selling it, and officials believe this will cut down on the supply.

Due to the fact that its effects are nearly identical to marijuana, K2 and other substitute products can cause just as much harm when ingested. Marijuana abuse is the second most common reason for seeking addiction rehab, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.