Major League Baseball Honors Coach Promoting Sobriety

More than 29 percent of high school students say they can easily obtain drugs on campus, according to Teen Help, a statistics site. Rehabilitation facilities can provide substance abuse help to addicts, but anti-drug groups are encouraging kids to live healthier lives as well.

Recently, Major League Baseball (MLB) honored a coach and teen athlete for their decision to live drug-free lives and positively impact those around them. In conjunction with The Partnership at, MLB named Patty Sterner and Loureen Prudente as winners of the first annual Commissioner’s Play Healthy Awards.

Stern is a track coach who has spent her time educating students on the dangers of underage drinking after her step daughter died as a result of alcohol poisoning. Prudente is a student athlete, known for providing her teammates with healthy alternatives to drugs, on and off the field.

“Their remarkable efforts to promote healthy and safe participation in sports will inspire coaches and players around the country to follow their example,” said MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

Approximately 62 percent of high school students say they can easily access illicit substances from street gangs, according to Teen Help. Drug rehab can help individuals detoxify and turn their lives around.