Knox County Holds Graduation Ceremony For Drug Court Participants

Many individuals turn to drug rehab programs to get clean, but drug courts are becoming increasingly popular among lawbreakers who want to stay out of jail. Knox County, Illinois, is one example of a region that has created a program to help addicts detoxify, and it is already beginning to show signs of success.

Recently, two Knox County residents graduated from the newly-established drug court, according to Radio-14 WGIL. Legislators developed the program three years ago in an attempt to reduce the number of crimes related to illicit substances. Participants, who are considered non-violent offenders, undergo counseling and other therapy to get clean over time.

Knox County administrative judge Scott Shiplett was present at the graduation ceremony that recognized the individuals for completing the drug rehab program. In addition to commending the former addicts for their success, he told the news source that the drug court does not end after it has been completed. The individuals must focus on living healthy lives outside of the program to stay out of trouble with the law.

Drug addiction costs the U.S. more than $484 billion every year, according to the Department of Justice. State-funded rehabilitation programs are helping more addicts get a second chance at life.