Many Florida Residents Can’t Afford Drug Rehab

Nearly 7 Floridians die of drug overdoses every day, according to As substance abuse remains a growing problem, rehabilitation facilities have played a crucial role in helping individuals detoxify. However, a number of Floridians have recently found difficulty receiving care.

Although treatment for prescription drug addiction is abundant, experts say that a large portion of Floridians cannot afford the help. A national drug study found that just 10 percent of individuals who are addicted to pills, such as painkillers, seek treatment for their dependency.

“There’s so much more need [for treatment],” Timothy Sweeney, director of the recovering attorney’s program at HealthCare Connection, told the news source. “But the downturn in the economy means that fewer people are able to access recovery.”

Addicts who try to seek help at rehabilitation facilities often exhaust their health insurance and lack the means to continue paying for treatment. Facilities can cost between $5,000 and $20,000 a month. Companies, such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, only cover up to $2,500.

Prescription drug addiction is not only costly to maintain but recover from as well. Individuals are encouraged to visit a substance abuse center to seek treatment before their addiction spirals out of control.