Drug Court Sees Success In Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

Many cities struggle with drug-related crimes, forcing taxpayers to spend more money annually on incarcerating repeat offenders. In an effort to reduce instances of illicit substance abuse, more communities are turning to drug courts.

Eau Claire County in Wisconsin is one example of a region that decided to take proactive measures to tackle crimes related to illegal substances. With government support, the county has established a drug court to give lawbreakers a new lease on life, according to WQOW-TV.

Offenders have the option to participate in the drug rehab program to rid themselves of addiction and become productive members of society. Recently, a handful of students graduated from the court and exemplified the success of the program.

“To see someone make such changes in their lives, regain their freedom, their family, their self-esteem, their sobriety and maintain that long term, it’s just wonderful,” Judge Lisa Stark told the news source.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse believe that up to 83 percent of individuals in jail have used drugs at some point in their lives. Drug courts now give offenders the option to get clean and turn their lives around.