Loudon County, VA Drug Courts Reduce Crime

Many cities that wish to reduce crimes related to illicit substances have established drug rehab programs. However, it takes time for local governments to determine whether a drug court has been effective in helping addicts get clean and stay out of trouble with the law.

Recently, a study was released that found that drug courts help cities reduce costs that they would otherwise be spending on the incarceration of addicts, according to Leesburg Today. The recidivism rate was also lower in individuals who participated in drug rehab programs, compared to offenders who opted out.

In Loudon County, Virginia, grant money paid off in funding drug courts and reducing crime as a result of illicit substance abuse. The region was given more than $800,000 through September 2011, and has already seen a positive change in crime rates. Throughout a one-year period, approximately 25 percent of drug court participants were re-arrested after completing the program, compared to the 36 percent who chose not to use the resources.

There are more than 2,140 drug courts in operation across the United States, according to Office of National Drug Control Policy. The drug rehab programs can help addicts sober up and become productive members of society.