Cocaine Remains A Problem Throughout The Country

By Staff Writer

Crack cocaine addiction may seem like a problem that mostly affected communities back in the 1980, but law enforcement officials from across the country are saying that the drug is still in their neighborhoods and is causing a number of associated issues.

Portland, Maine police chief James Craig told local NBC affiliate WCSH that in some parts of the state, dealing with crack cocaine sellers and users is the top priority for local law enforcement officers.

He said that he has seen many instances in which police responded to other types of crime, including domestic violence, homicides, burglaries and other violent crime, and found that use of the drug was the root cause of the issue.

However, experts told the news source that these individuals would benefit more from treatment at a rehab program than being sent to prison since they struggle with an addiction, and jail provides few opportunities for them to seek effective counseling.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that behavioral therapy is often effective at helping individuals end their addiction to crack cocaine.