Anti-Cocaine Vaccine Shows Promise In Mice

Many individuals struggle to quit cocaine, a highly addictive illicit substance that requires intensive detoxification treatment. However, a new vaccine may help addicts who are attempting to stop using the drug over time.

Recently, researchers announced that a vaccine tested in mice has shown promising results in getting rid of cocaine addiction. The treatment contains traces of the common cold virus and particles of cocaine. The study, which was published in Molecular Therapy, proved that the vaccine could protect mice against the effects of the illicit substance.

When administered in the animals, cocaine hyperactivity ceased for approximately 13 weeks. If it were to be given to humans, experts anticipate the body’s immune system to block out the traces of the common cold virus in the vaccine. Because particles of cocaine would be attached to the virus, the immune system would learn how to block it out as well.

More than 548,000 emergency room hospital visits were linked to cocaine in 2006, according to the Drug Abuse Warning Network. A new vaccine may be able to help cocaine addicts detoxify over time and make healthier lifestyle choices.