Former Addict Writes Book On Addiction Recovery

Many individuals who are dependent on illicit substances have difficulty facing the reality of their addiction. Oftentimes, it takes loved ones to help addicts come to terms with their situation and get help from drug rehab centers.

Chad Hepler is one example of an individual who quickly lost control of his life after beginning to abuse substances, according to The Daily Inter Lake. One morning, he was escorted from his home in Georgia by administrators from a drug rehab center situated in Marion, Montana. Hepler’s parents had asked the officials to admit their son out of love and fear that he would one day die from his addictions.

Hepler spent two months at the wilderness retreat program, and the time changed his life forever. He has since written a book, “Intervention: Anything But My Own Skin,” detailing the ups and downs of his drug dependency. Hepler’s goal is to teach parents of troubled teens that addiction is nothing to be ashamed of and that there are resources that can help individuals turn their lives around.

Approximately 29 percent of public high school students say they can easily obtain illicit substances, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Drug rehab programs can help teens who have become addicted to substances and want to detoxify over time.