Babies Healthy Despite Being Born To Addicted Mothers

Addiction in families can begin with a pregnant mother who makes the unhealthy choice to abuse illicit substances. Women who choose to take drugs while carrying a child may not only complicate their pregnancy, but pass their addiction on to their baby as well. However, seeking help from a rehabilitation facility may prevent drug dependency in a newborn.

A center for pregnant women in Ohio recently celebrated the birth of 23 healthy babies over the course of 2010, according to WBNS-10TV. Two live-in sections are held for expecting mothers who are battling drug addiction, and strive to reduce complications while giving birth.

Clinical director Natyoia Harris told the news source that the objective of the program is to provide hope to women who want to detoxify and make a better life for their children. The motivation for individuals to sober up often comes in the form of motherhood for many of the women.

Abusing substances, such as prescription drugs, may result in a change of blood flow to a mother’s unborn child. This can cause premature birth, behavioral problems and learning disabilities in babies, according to the March of Dimes. Drug rehab centers can help individuals detoxify and live healthier lives.