Drama Performances Raise Awareness Of Drug Addiction

Drug use has been linked to about half of the crimes in the U.S., according to Drug Addiction Support, a substance abuse website. Rehabilitation facilities can help individuals detoxify, but mentoring can also play a large role in helping addicts stay out of trouble once they have received treatment.

Dave Magill, a member of New Beginnings Outreach, is an example of a mentor who has dedicated his time to helping drug addicts get clean. With Ron Chapman, a local pastor, Magill wrote a series of plays to demonstrate the drama that comes with addiction, according to the Chillicothe Gazette. He was inspired by the struggle his own brother went through with drug dependency.

Since the plays were performed less than a month ago, the community and local authorities have asked for an encore presentation at the end of November.

“If we can reach one person, it’s worth all the effort we’ve put into this play,” Magill told the news source.

Substance abuse programs can help individuals and their loved ones come to terms with addiction. Experts can help addicts detoxify and turn their lives around.