Alabama Judge Seeks To Establish More Drug Courts

The U.S. spends more than $484 billion on drug addiction every year, according to Drug Addiction Support, a statistics site. Substance abuse treatment centers can help addicts detoxify, but more communities are instituting programs of their own to help individuals who have fallen on hard times due to drugs.

Many addicts find themselves in jail before they decide to seek treatment for drug dependency. However, Alabama chief justice Sue Bell Cobb is pressuring legislators to establish more drug courts to reduce crime rates and help addicts turn their lives around, according to the Gadsden Times.

Cobb recently told the news source that nearly 50 percent of the crimes committed in Alabama are related to drugs. These courts will give offenders the opportunity to detoxify and become functioning members of society, as opposed to repeatedly finding themselves in jail for drug-related crimes.

Alabama now has 62 drug courts in 55 counties with plans to establish at least 11 more, in part due to Cobb’s efforts to give drug addicts more treatment options.

More than half of the crimes committed in the U.S. can be linked back to substance abuse, according to Drug Addiction Support. Rehabilitation facilities and drug courts can help addicts detoxify and live healthier lives.