White Deer Run – Cove Prep

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  • Facility Type

    • Residential Dual Diagnosis Facility
  • Ages Treated

    • Adolescents & Teenagers (Ages 13-17)
  • Disorders & Addictions Treated

    • Behavioral Disorders
    • Mental Health Disorders
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About Cove PREP

About Cove PREP

Cove PREP (Psychosexual Rehabilitation & Education Program) is a secure care facility in Torrance, Pennsylvania, that provides behavioral treatment for adjudicated adolescent males who have committed sexual offenses. Cove PREP offers diagnostic services, residential care, and accredited on-site academic programming. Depending on each resident’s history and needs, their care at Cove PREP may include medication management, psychiatric services, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), process-oriented treatment, and family therapy. Residents also complete a skills-based psychodynamic curriculum that is designed to promote healthy behavior changes and reduced risk of recidivism. During the school year, residents receive four hours of daily instruction from certified teachers in a structured and supportive classroom setting.

What Makes Cove PREP Different?

Residential treatment at Cove PREP follows a phased competency-based model. Completing our program is not simply a matter of attending a predetermined number of sessions or spending a specified amount of time at our center. Instead, Cove PREP residents must make positive behavioral changes and demonstrate mastery of concepts such as accountability, reliability, knowledge of the offense cycle, disclosure, victim empathy, and relapse prevention. Cove PREP is a highly structured and closely supervised environment, but we do not employ adverse conditioning techniques.