Video Game Addiction Becomes More Common in Adults

By Staff Writer

Video game addiction is thought of as a problem that mostly affects young people, but addiction rehab workers report that they are seeing increasing rates among adults. Experts say that this can have grave consequences for families and careers.

Janet Hunt, of Washington, DC, told news station WUSA that she nearly divorced her husband because he was spending upwards of 20 hours per day playing video games. She said that he was lost in an artificial reality that left her feeling lonely and isolated.

However, the couple was able to move past the problem after the husband sought professional help from a rehab program that enabled him to put down the controller and end his addiction.

Experts told the news source that stories like this are becoming much more common. While video game addiction was once relegated to children, there have been reports from across the country of people losing their jobs, parents having their children taken away and even murders stemming from the issue.

There are many resources to help individuals who struggle with video game addiction. Online Gamers Anonymous offers a 12-step program, while the number of rehab programs that provide treatment for the condition has increased in recent years.