Trent Reznor Overcame Drug Addiction to Climb Back to the Top of the Music Industry

By Staff Writer

Things are currently going well for Trent Reznor, the creative force behind the band Nine Inch Nails. His score for the movie The Social Network was recently nominated for a Golden Globe award. However, things were not always so easy for him.

Following his rise to fame in the early 1990s, Reznor struggled with cocaine and alcohol addictions. He said in an interview with PBS that his chemical dependencies originally cropped up as a response to the stresses of stardom.

“At the time when fame presented itself to me, I was not at a point in my own life where I was equipped to deal with it,” he told the news source. “I had a built-in sense of not being good enough that I’ve carried with me from wherever it’s come from, and an easy way to fit in was to self-medicate.”

However, since completing a drug rehab program he has remained drug-free and found considerable success again in his career. The Golden Globe nomination is the latest example of what can be accomplished after recovering from drug or alcohol addictions.