Tobacco Use Increases Breast Cancer Risk

By Staff Writer

Seeking substance abuse help for smoking habits may be critically important for women, as research continues to connect tobacco to a range of health complications. Recently, a study from Harvard Medical School found that smoking increases the risk of breast cancer.

It has long been known that tobacco use makes a person more likely to develop lung, throat or mouth cancer. However, the new investigation provides some of the first evidence connecting smoking to breast cancer.

For the study, researchers examined the medical records of more than 100,000 women. Each woman’s records were followed between 1976 and 2006. The results showed that those who smoked were much more likely to develop breast cancer during the study period. The risk was greatest for individuals who smoked before hitting menopause.

The researchers said that breast cancer is the most common form of the disease to affect women. However, due to the connection to smoking, it may be largely preventable. They said that taking steps to break a tobacco addiction, such as through substance abuse help, may mitigate this risk.