The Number of Internet Pornography Addicts Continues to Grow

By Staff Writer

Addiction to pornography is a growing problem in the U.S. It combines aspects of both internet and sex addiction, both of which can be difficult to address because of the shame that often accompanies them. However, experts say that if individuals do not seek help for these issues from rehab programs, they may ruin marriages and families.

One addiction expert referred to the internet as “the crack cocaine of sex addiction,” because it offers users an immediate and intense experience that satisfies their urges in the moment but often becomes insatiable. This causes the individual to return to their computer on a daily basis.

Addiction rehab workers have estimated that up to 200,000 Americans are now addicted to internet pornography. They say that these individuals frequently turn to real-life experiences to satisfy their urges after a while, which may put them in dangerous situations and jeopardize their relationships.

While public health and insurance companies do not track the number people who seek help for sex addiction, workers in the field have described the growth in cases of the disorder as exponential in recent years, according to the Los Angeles Times.