States Consider Cutting Addiction Treatment Programs

By Staff Writer

Most experts say that state-run addiction treatment centers and programs are a vital way for drug abusers to get the help they need to eliminate their habits. However, as states across the country struggle with falling revenues, many are considering eliminating their recovery programs.

For example, lawmakers in one Southern state recently proposed cutting nearly $4 million from a program that helps addicts find rehab facilities that meet their personal needs, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The move is aimed at closing the state’s budget gap, which has grown dangerously over the course of the last year. However, patient advocates say that eliminating the program would cut off a vital source of help, leaving addicts to fend for themselves.

“We had very tough decisions to make,” Carrie Williams, spokeswoman for the state’s department of health, told the news source. “We were trying to choose items that had the least direct impact on people.”

Other states, including Florida, Kentucky, and Michigan, are considering similar cuts to addiction treatment programs as part of efforts to close budgetary shortfalls.