State Launches New Resource for Gambling Addicts

By Staff Writer

Gambling addiction in families can put a major strain on relationships. Those who fail to seek help for the condition may soon find that their loved ones have run out of patience and are considering severing all ties.

However, residents of Pennsylvania who have problems with betting now have a new source of help. State officials recently announced the launch of a new website designed to connect gambling addicts to the help they need to beat their habits.

The website contains advice for dealing with their condition as well as information on where they can find addiction treatment centers that specialize in problem wagering.

Michael Huff, the state’s secretary of health, said that gambling addiction can ruin families by causing burdensome debt, job disruption, criminal activity or suicide. Given the fact that it can affect up to 3 percent of the population, he said that efforts like this to help gambling addicts are imperative.

He added that family members should keep an eye for the signs of gambling addiction, which may include spending less time with family, stealing money and spending money on gambling rather than household necessities.