Smart Phones Bring Internet Addiction to the Palm of Your Hand

By Staff Writer

As electronic devices grow smaller and more portable, it is now possible for individuals to take the internet with them wherever they go. However, this may be putting people on a dangerous path toward addiction.

A new survey from Crowd Science indicates that as much as 20 percent of smartphone users admit to suffering from an addiction to their device. Rates of addiction were higher among iPhone users, 26 percent of whom reported a dependency, than among users of other devices.

Individuals between the ages of 30 and 49 were most likely to report feeling addicted to internet access via their smartphones. A commentator on Information Week said that this makes sense, as people in this age range are often busy juggling career and family responsibilities and may feel a need to be accessible to the people in their lives.

However, this constant accessibility can lead to some dangerous consequences. Researchers have suggested that the inability to break away from the internet may lead users to overindulge in pornography, shopping, and gaming, which can all have negative effects on a person’s life.