Research Work to Develop New Pain Management Drug

By Staff Writer

Individuals who are seeking chronic pain treatment but are worried about the risk of addiction that comes with many common medications may soon have a new option. Researchers from Stony Brook University are currently working on a new drug that promises to fight pain with little risk of dependency.

Most current chronic pain treatment medications work by altering the brain’s perception of pain. However, this approach also affects other areas of the brain. This can lead to impaired judgment and physical ability, as well as an increased risk of addiction.

However, the researchers have discovered a channel that sends pain signals to the brain from other parts of the body. By blocking this channel, they believe that may be able to alleviate chronic pain conditions.

The team is currently working to develop a new drug that takes advantage of this knowledge. They are in the first stages of testing their medication and hope to have a product ready for consumers within one or two years.

They said that their research has tremendous potential and could benefit individuals who suffer from arthritis, migraine headaches, muscle pain and other types of chronic pain.