Drug Rehab Workers Fight Back Against Proposed Budget Cuts

By Staff Writer

Governors in statehouses across the country have proposed budgets that would eliminate funding for much of their addiction treatment services. However, drug rehab professionals in some states are pushing back against these cuts, saying that they would do significant harm to individuals who need help the most.

For example, a group of mental health workers in Maine recently met with state lawmakers to lobby them to restore funding to addiction treatment services, which are threatened by current budget proposals, according to local NBC affiliate WCSH.

In a draft budget for the upcoming fiscal year, the state’s governor has suggested cutting $20 million from drug rehab services. Experts told lawmakers in their meeting that this would deny treatment to the state’s most vulnerable residents and likely send them back to a life of drug use.

However, state officials told the news source that they simply do not have the resources to continue funding every program at full levels and that tough choices need to be made. The matter will come down to setting priorities.

Similar proposals to cut state-funded drug rehab programs have been floated in Ohio, Illinois and Nevada.