Rehab Treatment Centers Find New Ways to Engage Patients

By Staff Writer

Drug rehab treatment is generally not a pleasant experience, but some facilities are working to give their patients new experiences that will be entertaining and rewarding in addition to teaching them coping skills during the course of their recovery.

For example, a North Carolina-based addiction treatment provider recently started a vegetable garden for its patients to work in. Officials from the facility said that there are many reasons for launching this type of effort.

First of all, it gives patients something to do that is rewarding and can be fun. However, the reasons for the initiative go deeper. They said that growing plants are full of metaphors and the state of the vegetable often mirrors the condition of the patient that is working with it.

Furthermore, gardening takes a lot of patience and requires a person to delay gratification – two skills that are much needed by most drug addicts. Through this activity, residents are given a glimpse of the rewards of hard work, the officials said.

The initiative has the added benefit of providing fresh produce for the patients to eat on a regular basis.