Providing Emotional Support Helps Addicted Family Members Seek Substance Abuse Help

By Staff Writer

Addiction in families can cause tremendous stress and put pressure on relationships. However, experts say that addicts have much better chances of recovery when they receive strong support from their loved ones.

Carole Bennett, a substance abuse activist, recently wrote in The Huffington Post that family members should look for information on the specific type of substance abuse their loved one struggles with. Every addiction has different symptoms and may require different treatments.

For example, opiate addiction often demands an extensive detoxification period. This may require sending someone who is dependent on these substances to drug rehab facilities where they can go through this difficult period under the supervision of medical professionals.

“The more you know about your loved one’s addiction, its characteristics and traits, the more confident you can be in a conversation regarding their specific situation,” Bennett wrote. “You won’t be caught off guard or caught up with another’s opinion if you’ve already done your own research.”

Providing this type of support for addicted family members may make it easier for them to seek substance abuse. While more than 23 million Americans go to drug rehab each year, this only represents a small percentage of the number of addicts, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.