Personalized Drug Rehab Helps Addicts Recover, Expert Says

By Staff Writer

Drug rehab treatment that does not address all of an addict’s issues may be ineffective and jeopardize relapse prevention efforts, experts warn. Instead, individuals who are looking to end their addiction should seek treatment that is tailored to their own needs.

The program director of one drug rehab facility said that poorly thought out rehab plans are among the top reasons for recovering drug users to turn back to substance abuse. Many addicts have a dual diagnosis of chemical dependency and mental illness. Treating only one these often yields poor results.

She said that drug rehab facilities should take into consideration the needs of each individual patient that they take in. This will help them receive the most effective treatment possible, giving the best chances of beating their addiction.

Additionally, treatment strategies should take into consideration addiction in families, she said. Family issues are at the heart of many addicts’ drug problems, and addressing these matters may help put them on a road to recovery. A flexible, personally tailored approach may give drug users the best odds of overcoming their condition.