Nonprofit Launches Site to Provide Information to Parents of Addicted Teens

By Staff Writer

Substance abuse treatment programs can help teenagers recover from their addictions. However, many parents are unaware of how to handle a child who is addicted to drugs or how to access the services of rehab facilities.

In an effort to simplify this process and connect parents to the information they need to get their children in treatment, the Partnership at recently announced the launch of a new website that officials say could be a handy reference for parents of addicted teens.

Officials said that there is so much information out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. The fact that some sites have rather dubious information further complicates the matter. Their goal is to give parents the most accurate information that can help them with their decision to get their teen into substance abuse treatment.

The Substance and Mental Health Services Administration has estimated that 9 million U.S. teenagers struggle with addiction. Better access to the most accurate information could help many of these teens recover.