March Madness May Threaten Relapse Prevention Efforts of Recovering Addicts

By Staff Writer

March Madness is one of the most exciting times of year for sports fans. There is a near non-stop flow of exciting college basketball games, culminating with a new champion being crowned. However, some addiction specialists warn that there may also be a darker side to this annual ritual.

One drug rehab worker said that March Madness can have the same effects on gambling addicts as placing a bag full of pills in front of an opiate addict. It provides a unique opportunity for gambling addicts to get their fix, as many people throughout the country place bets on the games.

Furthermore, he said it could spell trouble for individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction. The meeting place for watching the games for many groups of friends is their local bar. This can put people who have trouble controlling their drinking into awkward positions, as it may be difficult to enjoy the games in the company of friends and family without being around alcohol.

The National Association of Social Workers has issued similar warnings about the threat that March Madness poses to the relapse prevention efforts of recovering gambling addicts.