Internet Addiction Could Become More Common at Universities

By Staff Writer

Some college campuses are known to foster a culture of drug abuse. However, the problem of chemical dependency pales in comparison to the risk of internet addiction for many students.

Despite the fact that substance abuse can be prevalent on college campuses, individuals can choose whether or not they want to begin engaging in that sort of activity. However, from the very beginning of their time in school students have no choice but to use the internet.

Experts say that legitimate school-related uses of the internet can quickly spiral out of control due to the fact that most students have plenty of free time and unlimited access to the web.

David Margules, a psychology professor at Temple University, told the school’s news source that individuals can quickly lose control over their internet use, at which point it can begin interfering with their school work and personal lives.

He told the news source that internet addiction can progress along the same lines as any other addiction.

Maressa Orzack, a Harvard University professor who has studied internet addiction, estimates that between 5 and 10 percent of internet users have pathological addictions.