Highly Invested Workers More Likely to Experience Excess Stress Levels

By Staff Writer

Nearly everyone feels stress at their job every once in a while. However, for some, this stress can be overbearing, eventually leading them to substance abuse, which may require drug rehab treatment.

A new study may help identify workers who are most at risk for becoming stressed on the job. Researchers from the Center for Addiction and Mental Health recently reported in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine that professionals who are most invested in their jobs experience the highest levels of stress.

After surveying nearly 3,000 individuals, the team found that managers and those who felt that their job performance could impact others were at the greatest risk for experiencing high stress. Long hours also correlated to high work-related anxiety.

In general, professionals were more than twice as likely to report stress if they believed that their performance could result in anyone’s physical injury, damage to the company’s equipment or reputation or financial loss.

The researchers hope that their findings may help employers identify and address situations that may lead to worker burnout before it can lead to negative consequences, such as drug addiction.