Group Seeks to Break Cycle of Addiction

By Staff Writer

Children whose parents used drugs are significantly more likely to develop a cocaine addiction or other form of chemical dependency. Experts call this the cycle of drug addiction and commonly cite it as one of the main reasons why substance abuse remains rampant.

However, some groups are working to break this cycle. For example, The Harvest Foundation of Virginia recently provided a grant of more than $1 million to the Piedmont Community Services to help the organization develop programs designed to address generational addiction issues, according to the Martinsville Bulletin.

Officials from the foundation told the news source that there are few other programs in the country that seek to provide drug rehab treatment while also addressing the family issues of member of the community. They believe that this approach could revitalize the community while helping individuals get over addiction and get back to a productive life.

There may be many causes of the cycle of addiction. Children who are abused or mistreated by their parents have been shown to be at a greater risk of chemical dependency, but there may also be genetic factors that increase susceptibility, according to the U.S. Administration for Children and Families.