Grants Focus on Helping Kids Live Healthy, Violence Free Lives

Grants awarded by the BEA Foundation are directed towards programs that encourage the early intellectual development of pre-school age children.

Funding supports projects that encourage safe and supportive communities that are free from crime and violence and provide children with access to adequate food, shelter, and basic services. The grants also support programs that promote school readiness by age 5 and increase the availability and quality of early care.

Grants are awarded in the company’s operating locations, which are San Francisco and Silicon Valley, California; Denver, Colo.; Boston, Mass.; Seattle, Wash.; and New Jersey. Grants range from $1,000 to $20,000.

Applications are accepted four times a year, with the next deadline Aug. 15. Other submission due dates are Nov. 15, Feb. 15, and May 15.

For information, contact Jeff Sunshine, BFA Foundation, 60 S Market St., Suite 1000, San Jose, CA 95113-2336; e-mail: