Goodwill, VA Partnership Builds Illinois Facility for Homeless Vets

Goodwill Industries and the Veterans Administration (VA) have partnered to build a facility in Illinois for homeless veterans. The center will provide veterans with a place to live, as well as help for addiction and mental-health problems and physical disabilities, the Peoria Journal Star reported May 11.

The 10-bedroom home, which will be built in Peoria, is the first of its kind in Illinois. Funds from a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development grant and a local fundraising campaign are financing the project.

Among the services that will be offered at the facility are medical treatment, job training and VA benefits assistance. “There’s such a gap in services for our veterans,” said Joanne Dorn, Goodwill’s director of vocational services.

The holistic approach, said Dorn, is similar to that offered in homes for developmentally disabled people.