Gambling Habits Lead Addicts to Harmful Behavior

By Staff Writer

Addiction to gambling is becoming an increasingly common condition. Experts say that the problem can consume an individual’s life and lead them to make dangerous choices unless they seek help from a treatment facility.

For example, a man from the Northeast who was struggling with gambling addiction recently robbed a bank to finance his habit, according to the Worcester Telegram. The man was later apprehended at a race track.

The new source reports that, instead of being sentenced to jail time, the man was given five years of probation and ordered to enter addiction treatment after pleading guilty to the crime. He will also undergo psychiatric testing to determine the depth of his problem, which was recommended by the district attorney.

Compulsive gambling is described as a progressive illness which can never be cured completely, according to Gamblers Anonymous. However, the group says that the problem can be brought under control with a desire to stop the behavior and the help of counseling from addiction treatment centers.