Fear of Intimacy May Lead to Sex Addiction

By Staff Writer

A fear of intimacy may be at the heart of many sex addiction cases, according to a new study from New Zealand researchers. Addressing these issues may go a long way toward preventing a relapse after an addict has been treated for the problem.

The problem of sex addiction has gotten a lot of attention lately. Following admission of sex addiction from several high-profile celebrities, rehab facilities have reported a dramatic increase in patients seeking treatment for the problem.

However, Karen Faisandier, the Massey University researcher who led the study, said that the condition is still widely misunderstood, and that this lack of understanding stands in the way of effective treatment of the condition.

For the study, Faisandier asked 880 adults to respond to a survey about sexual orientation. The results showed that a high number of respondents who reported sex addiction also showed signs of insecure styles of attachment and avoided intimacy.

She said that further studies like this need to be conducted in order to help the scientific community gain a better understanding of the condition. This could lead to improved treatments for those afflicted.