Energy Drink Use Associated With Substance Abuse

Several recent studies have linked the use of energy drink to a higher risk of alcohol and drug abuse. Now, a new study out of the University of Buffalo has confirmed this link in musicians.

Overall, professional musicians tend to have higher rates of substance abuse than the general population. However, the new study shows that this danger is exacerbated when the musician drinks energy products.

After surveying 226 professional musicians in western New York, the researchers found that 76 percent of the participants who consumed energy drinks reported binge drinking within the past year, compared to just 59 percent of the others. Furthermore, 31 percent who used energy drinks misused prescription drugs, compared to 13 percent of those who avoided such products.

The researchers said that their findings continue to build a picture of the dangers associated with drinking energy products. Two prior studies showed that their use was associated with higher rates of drinking among college students and athletes. The new findings are simply the latest in a string of research highlighting the risk of substance abuse that is associated with the beverages.

For those whose use of energy drinks has led them alcohol abuse and addiction, rehab programs may be able to help.