Communities Grapple with Teen Drug Use

By Staff Writer

Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of people across the U.S. every year. However, some experts say that the problem is greatest among high school students. Their warnings underscore the importance of seeking substance abuse treatment for any teen suspected of drug abuse.

Law enforcement officials in Los Gatos, California, a community that has been ravaged by the effects of teen drug use, told the Los Gatos Times that the adolescent brain is still forming and that drug and alcohol abuse can affect young people more strongly. This may increase their chances of developing a dependency.

This has contributed to a major problem for the California community. Officials told the news source that they have observed teens using marijuana, ecstasy, alcohol and even heroin. Some students have reported selling alcohol to each other within the high school.

The national drug crisis has caused major damage across all demographics of society. However, some believe that the problem is most severe among teens. The Office of National Drug Control Policy reports that 30 percent of teens have used illicit drugs.